about us

Aero Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of high quality fasteners and machined components specially catering to Aerospace segment. We have our manufacturing facilities at Rohtak in Haryana, which is about 45 KMs from western border of Delhi. The factory has in-house laboratory to ensure defect free products, since we understand the criticality of our components, which otherwise is considered to be a ‘C’ class item by many.

  • We are an AS9100 certified Company
  • Objective of our company is to bridge the gap and acute shortage of Aerospace Fasteners
  • We have tie up with Global companies for on time and quality Raw Materials
  • We have good experience in GOST Standard Raw Materials and Fasteners
  • Our vision is to be India’s no. 1 Aerospace Fasteners company by 2024

Materials and Standards

In line with IS, DIN, MS, NAS, NSN, NFL, AN, EN, GOST, and other standards, we manufacture the products from high-test materials like Alloy Steels AISI 4135, 4137, 51B37, 10B21, SCM435, 30KhGSA, EN24-ESR, A286, 15-5Ph, SS304, SS316, Brass, Aluminium, etc. These products serve the application in industries such as Aerospace, Marine, Railways, Automotive, Electronics, manufacturing, etc. We keep below raw materials ex-stock for faster deliveries:-

  • 30KhGSA, 25Kh17N2B, 16KhSN
  • SCM 435, 10B21, 4135, 51B37, 4340
  • EN 24 (ESR Grade), EN 9, EN 8, EN 8D, EN 1A
  • Aluminum : B65 (V65), AA5056, AA5052, AA2024, AA2017, AA2117, Alloy 2, Alloy 3, 24345, 19300, 52000
  • SS316, SS316L, SS304, SS304L, SS303, SS321, SS410, SS420, SS431, etc.
  • A286, 13-8PH, 15-5PH, 17-4PH, Ti6Al4V, Titanium Grade5, Grade2, Inconel
  • Brass CuZn37
  • Beryllium Copper
  • C15, 60C2A, Various Other Types of Spring Steels

… and vast network of renowned global suppliers for on time delivery of hard to find materials.

Our Professional Philosophy

It is our business commitment to employ a skilled and competent crew of professionals who discharge their responsibility in coordination with one another. We work together with our customers as a well-knit group in order to accomplish the project. As a prominent manufacturer of the machined components industry, we are steadfast in controlling and calibrating the standard of quality so that we can offer the top-of-the-line product range at competitive price as well as on-time service for meeting the expectation what the customers have from us.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We are continuously developing a sophisticated infrastructural set-up, expanded to different departments like manufacturing, quality test and R&D. All departments are strategically integrated. The production arrangement empowers us to efficiently and instantaneously process manufacturing of varied variety of fasteners and complete delivery requirements on time. Because of our well-equipped infrastructure, we produce diverse range of products, which are long on quality and finishes. We optimize infrastructural arrangement as the higher level of technological excellence is directly coupled with superior quality of products.

Machined components range starts from 1mm dia.

  • Dowel Pin range starts from 1mm
  • Split Pin – ready stock available from 0.6mm
  • Slotted Round Nut & Hex Nut range starting M1.4
  • Anchor Nuts and Lock Nuts
  • Washers & Spacers
  • Studs
  • Solid Inserts
  • Wire Threaded Inserts
  • CNC / VMC based Machined Components

Cold Forging capabilities starting from 1.6 mm

  • Machine Screw range starts from M1.6
  • CSK Head, Cheese Head, Pan Head, Round Head, Raised CSK, T Head, etc.
  • Hex, Socket, Square, Slotted, 100 / 120 Deg Cruciform, Phillips, Pozidrive, etc.
  • 100% Burr Free Slotted Screws
  • Slotted Grub / Set Screws
  • Captive Screws
  • Safety Screws with Drill Hole